It's official: Brazilian GP will not move to Rio

12-11-2020 20:13 | Updated: 12-11-2020 20:58
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It's official: Brazilian GP will not move to Rio

Despite all the rumors that the Brazilian GP would move from Interlagos to Rio de Janeiro, nothing proves true. It has been officially announced today that the race will take place at Interlagos until at least 2025, reports.

An agreement was reached today between Liberty Media and the Sao Paulo state and municipality: Brazil's GP will stay in the city and will not move to Rio de Janeiro, as previously claimed. However, the race will be renamed to the Grand Prix of Sao Paulo. 

"This is a great victory for the state of São Paulo and for Brazil. With satisfaction and pride, it is a great victory for São Paulo, it is a victory for common sense, balance, for the work of [Mayor] Bruno Covas, with the support from the state government," said Jaoa Doria, Governor of Sao Paulo. 

Against the wishes of Bolsonaro

Moving the Brazilian GP to Rio was one of the wishes of Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro. Doria also suggests that there would even be an agreement to organize the race in Sao Paulo until 2030, but this is not yet in writing. 

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