Grosjean: "It's not a good year to be without a contract"

06-11-2020 18:31 | Updated: 06-11-2020 22:16
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Grosjean: It's not a good year to be without a contract

Romain Grosjean has admitted it is not a good year to be without a contract as he prepares to leave Haas at the end of the season. 

The French driver of Haas may look for towards another class at the end of this season. Haas recently announced that it will say goodbye to both drivers at the end of 2020. Who will drive for the American team is not yet known. However, Grosjean has expressed his interest in the IndyCar.

Bad timing

He admitted that he is stressed about finding a new opportunity in motorsport. Speaking to RaceFans, he said: "To be perfectly honest, I haven't slept well in the last two weeks. The coronavirus has made it a difficult year for the world and the economy. It is not a good year to be without a contract."

Indy Car is a possibility for Grosjean and he had earlier admitted that he spoke to Marcus Ericsson about it. "I hate that I haven't checked the calendar before. But it hasn't been done yet. A switch to the IndyCar will be a big change for me. But it's something I'm thinking about." The Frenchman wouldn't be the first Formula 1 driver to make the switch, Ericsson left for IndyCar when his contract expired.

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