Second COVID-wave threat to F1? "It gets more complicated"

04-11-2020 15:55 | Updated: 04-11-2020 18:20
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Second COVID-wave threat to F1? It gets more complicated

The world is currently full in the second wave of COVID, with infections rising all over the world. Although the season can probably be finished with the remaining four races, Formula 1 must remain careful.

More complicated

With the reduction in the number of fans in Portugal and the holding of the Grand Prix at Imola behind closed doors, there have already been recent reactions to the increasing corona infections caused by Formula 1. The races in Turkey and the Middle East should continue for the time being, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also says.

"It was discussed in Monday's meeting because it gets more complicated," Wolff said to "We have done very well with F1 in a bubble. I think we have reacted in the right way." 

However, he cannot ignore that the increase in infections is worrying. "It could come to a point where some countries are closing their borders, and that will, of course, have an impact on F1."


In any case, Formula 1-CEO Chase Carey has let it be known that it looks like the season can be finished, but also that he doesn't know what will happen next. "We have no idea what will happen in a month's time. So I think we just have to adapt," Wolff said.

So far there have only been a few positive tests on corona in Formula 1, including both Racing Point drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll.

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