Vettel warned race control about marshalls on track

04-11-2020 12:19 | Updated: 04-11-2020 12:25
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Vettel warned race control about marshalls on track

After the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, onboard footage of Lance Stroll passing several marshals at top speed still clearing debris from George Russell's car surfaced. In addition to Stroll, there were six other drivers who drove right past the marshalls.

Marshalls on track in Imola

This was the result of the decision to let the drivers who were one lap behind make up for it. That decision might have come too soon. Romain Grosjean was warned by Haas that double yellow flags were still being waved at the crash site and Grosjean passed the marshals. "A bit dangerous to leave the marshals on the track," he remarked.

Vettel then passed the marshalls, after which he also warned his team. "The marshals are on the track, they have to watch out. That is very, very dangerous. Tell the marshals to leave the track," said Vettel.

Lance Stroll was the last driver to pass the marshals, but he was less careful after his team urged him to join them quickly. The question is whether he had even seen the marshals.

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