Norris: 'Apologies were addressed to one particular driver'

30-10-2020 17:48 | Updated: 30-10-2020 19:18
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Norris: 'Apologies were addressed to one particular driver'

Lando Norris was on a roll during the Grand Prix weekend in Portugal with his statements about other drivers. Both Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton had to suffer. In retrospect, Norris apologised for what he said but did not specify whether it was both comments.

Lance Stroll didn't make friends with Norris during the race after causing a collision during a somewhat optimistic overtaking attempt. Norris then went wild on the on-board radio. When asked what he thought of Hamilton's record at the end of the race, he didn't seem very impressed.

Apologies on Twitter

Afterwards, Norris openly apologised via Twitter, stating that he should have shown more respect. However, it wasn't immediately clear whether he meant both his statements, but before the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna, he went into more detail.

"My apologies on Twitter were about the comments about Lewis, and the fact that he won 92 victories. I have a lot of respect for that, I just didn't use the right words for that context," Norris said to

He continues: "I also apologised to Lewis personally, I sent him a message. It is never my intention to say something like that in a negative way or to talk negatively about him. I respect everything he has done to achieve this".

Norris says he apologised not under pressure from F1, but by critics on social media. "I watched the social media in the morning and there were worse than good comments about what I had said. I felt bad about it because I'm not like that at all," concludes the Englishman.

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