Jos Verstappen: It maybe "makes F1 more exciting"

30-10-2020 08:01 | Updated: 30-10-2020 08:25
Jos Verstappen: It maybe makes F1 more exciting

Jos Verstappen is curious about the weekend in Imola. The father of Max Verstappen thinks it is good that Formula 1 tests with shorter Grand Prix weekends. However, Christijan Albers doesn't like it and sees no future at all in weekends with only one free practice session.

"It is good that they are trying," Verstappen told the NOS. The former Formula 1 driver thinks that there are benefits both on and off the track. "A shorter weekend is nice for the mechanics because they are already having a hard enough time. It can also provide more spectacle because teams have less time to fine-tune their cars".

There will only be one free practice session of 90 minutes this weekend. On top of that, the teams have no data from Imola. For the first time under the current regulations they will be driving on the Italian circuit. "Maybe it will bring the field a little closer together and make it more exciting. At the Nürburgring the Friday was cancelled due to bad weather and then we had a nice race on Sunday".

Albers has a different opinion

Where Jos is relatively positive, Albers doesn't agree with Liberty Media's plan. According to the former driver of Minardi and Spyker, among others, in the pinnacle of motorsport, a two-day weekend is not good for anything. "This test makes no sense. Formula 1 is all about looking for the limit and tuning your car perfectly. A car in a wind tunnel is very different from a car on the track. That extreme fine-tuning is the essence. That's F1! You have to stay away from that."

The 41-year-old Dutchman hopes that in the future there won't be a repeat of the set-up this weekend. The argument 'cost savings' doesn't really apply to Albers either. "They don't know what to do from madness and crush the race weekend to supposedly reduce costs. If your car goes to the dogs on Saturday, your whole weekend will be ruined".

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