Rumour: Mercedes engine in 2021 will have 20 more horsepower?

29-10-2020 10:59 | Updated: 29-10-2020 12:00
Rumour: Mercedes engine in 2021 will have 20 more horsepower?

Toto Wolff recently said that Mercedes are no longer working on updates for 2020. After all, the championship is as good as done. Now rumors are circulating that Mercedes have already developed a power source for next year that will provide another 20 horsepower.

The Mercedes F1 team have been dominant for years. So dominant, in fact, that halfway through the season the team have already shifted its focus to the next season. According to the latest rumors, they already have a power source on the test bench. New alloys and a new combustion chamber, among other things, should provide an extra twenty horsepower, according to the Italian branch of

This could be worrying news for Red Bull, as their engine supplier, Honda is leaving Formula 1 after 2021. Red Bull therefore wants to freeze engine development so that they can continue with the Honda engine in 2022.

This plan has the support of Mercedes, but for the time being they seem to be starting 2021 with another lead.

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