Massa sees a difference between Hamilton and Schumacher: 'Even better talent'

27-10-2020 10:18 | Updated: 27-10-2020 12:06
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Massa sees a difference between Hamilton and Schumacher: 'Even better talent'

Lewis Hamilton took his 92nd F1 victory in Portugal, breaking Michael Schumacher's record. According to Felipe Massa, the two are difficult to compare, but the Brazilian does see differences.

''It's very difficult to compare, because I didn't drive with Lewis in one team and that's necessary to really see what the other is doing. I would say that Michael was better technically. He really understood everything about that car and I don't see Hamilton spending so much time with his engineers to really understand that car," says Massa on the podcast In the Fast Lane.

Massa compares greats in F1

However, according to Massa, Hamilton's speed and talent are unrivalled. ''Perhaps he is even better than Michael in terms of talent. Even though he doesn't do the same work as Michael, he still gets everything done perfectly,'' says the former Formula 1 driver, who lost out to Hamilton in the 2008 title fight.

''That was clear from the start. He didn't win the title because of some mistakes, but perhaps that was also due to a lack of experience. However, he was able to beat other drivers and then in his first year he was right in front of Fernando Alonso and that is also a huge talent. He beat Alonso in his first year of Formula 1," concludes Massa.

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