"Max Verstappen will have sighed deeply"

26-10-2020 16:38 | Updated: 26-10-2020 17:15
by GPblog.com
Max Verstappen will have sighed deeply

Damon Hill thinks it will be a tough job for Max Verstappen to break Lewis Hamilton's records. Hamilton achieved his 92nd victory in the GP of Portugal and is, therefore, the record holder in Formula 1 from all time.

It was a magical moment for Lewis Hamilton. Over the past few weeks, he kept saying he didn't care about those records, but the heartfelt hug with his father after the race showed something else. Both Hamiltons were proud of what they achieved together. Damon Hill, world champion in 1996, says to the BBC, as quoted by BT.com, that he never expected Michael Schumacher's record to be broken.

Like Alexander the Great

"It is unbelievable. Competing in 92 Grand Prixs is hard enough, let alone winning 92. His talent is unprecedented. There isn't a single driver who hasn't looked at Hamilton's abilities jealously and thought: 'What would it be like to be good.

"Max Verstappen will be sighing deeply", continues the son of Graham Hill. He'll probably realize that he'll have to go on until he's in his forties, because if Lewis does, he'll be untraceable. Everyone will have to continue racing until the age of 50 to break those records. Hamilton is like Alexander the Great, there are no more worlds to conquer."

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