Verstappen clear about Perez incident: "Luckily I had no damage"

25-10-2020 15:24
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Verstappen clear about Perez incident: Luckily I had no damage

Max Verstappen had to settle for a podium place at the Portguese Grand Prix. It turned out that there was not much to do for him this Sunday and he was lucky to be able to get through without damage after the first lap. He realises that himself.

“The start was pretty okay in itself, but in turn 3 I was a bit in trouble, then Perez came in turn 4 and he didn't give me enough space so he drove off the track. Not very handy, but luckily I had no damage," he tells Ziggo Sport.

"Those McLarens had a lot of grip and I found it difficult to get temperature in the tyres. I didn't want to take too much risk, because I knew we were faster than the McLarens, for example."

“Once we got the temperature it went pretty well, but that soft tyre just started to wear off a bit at a certain point. Left front was just gone and you lose a lot of lap time. I was just running my own race after that. In the end, we just finished where we needed to. ”

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