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Marko gives Perez and Hulkenberg hope: 'Then we have to look outside our team'

24-10-2020 11:36 | Updated: 24-10-2020 12:09
Marko gives Perez and Hulkenberg hope: 'Then we have to look outside our team'

Red Bull Racing will in any case not replace Alexander Albon during the current season. That is what Helmut Marko said in an interview with the German branch of Sky. There is no need for the Austrian formation to have a more 'consistent' driver than Albon in the RB16.

Albon was a bit closer to Verstappen in qualifying at the Nurburgring and according to Marko, this can also be explained. "It's also because the car is now more predictable. It is no longer so unstable at the rear". However, the question is whether such a bright spot is enough for Albon to secure himself a 2021 seat at Red Bull.

Second place in WC not in danger for Red Bull

In any case, the British Thai is not going to be replaced during the season. With Gasly, this did happen after a series of disappointing performances last year. Marko states that the performance of Verstappen is so 'sovereign' that Red Bull doesn't have to fear for second place in the world championship among the manufacturers.

"Renault, McLaren and Racing Point alternate each Grand Prix and take points from each other. Our second place is not in danger. In that sense we do not necessarily need to take action this year," the 77-year-old Austrian explains.

Attacking Mercedes, watching out for McLaren

In 2021 McLaren will drive with Mercedes engines, so the difference with (at least) one team from midfield will be smaller, it is expected. All the more so because teams that finish lower in the World Championship will have more time in the wind tunnel to develop.

"We are aware that next year if we want to compete in the WC, we need consistency. What Albon lacks is consistency. If Alex doesn't live up to our expectations, we have to look outside our team," said Marko, who then mentioned the names of Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg. "Inconsensitivity is an uncertainty we cannot afford if we want to race for the championship."

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