Honda boss: 'No change in coronavirus protocol after Stroll infection'

23-10-2020 18:20 | Updated: 23-10-2020 21:54
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Honda boss: 'No change in coronavirus protocol after Stroll infection'

In Formula 1, several people tested positive for coronavirus in the last few weeks, of which Lance Stroll was the most recent. Despite some infections here and there, the Formula 1 approach seems to work quite well, as spread of the virus has been kept to a minimum. Thus, the Stroll infection has had no effect on the protocols.

Racing Point have been given a warning

The protocols in force are designed to prevent any further spread of the virus and to contain any risk. It is somewhat striking that Racing Point is particularly affected, and they have also received an official warning for failing to comply with the code of conduct. 

Honda's Technical Director Tanabe states that the measures that have been taken are proving effective. There is therefore no reason to deviate from the protocols. "We will abide by them, as we have done in the past."

Following the rules 

This partly relates to the situation in Portugal, which, for the time being, seems less affected by the second wave than other European countries. "Not really," says Tanabe when asked by As-web whether any changes have been made to the protocols following Stroll's positive test.

"In Portugal itself, the infection is not as widespread as in other European countries. Of course we abide by the rules of going to the hotel and circuit and back again. We do not go to restaurants in the city and more, but I do not feel that there is a strict ban on going out or anything like that. The FIA allows us to go outside for walking or jogging."

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