Hamilton responds Petrov's words on anti-racism demonstrations

22-10-2020 18:52 | Updated: 22-10-2020 21:45
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Hamilton responds Petrov's words on anti-racism demonstrations

Former F1 driver Vitaly Petrov had spoken out about demonstrations against racism after the Mugello Grand Prix. He questioned Hamilton's t-shirt that he wore at the race and now the Brit has responded to words from Petrov.

Hamilton's response

Hamilton was asked about his reaction to the previous quotes, which he answered at the press conference. Hamilton was surprised that Petrov was chosen as a steward, as his statements are at odds with what should be generally accepted.

Petrov's statements went beyond the racism debate, the Russian also wondered whether Formula 1 would "urge everyone to become gay" and race under a rainbow flag if a driver came out of the closet. According to Petrov, Formula 1 would put a stop to that.

Hamilton said: "I've not seen all the quotes - obviously you've just recited some of them," the British driver said to Race fans. "So yes, of course, that is I would say a surprise that they're hiring someone that has those beliefs and is so vocal about things that we're trying to fight against."

"So you should take it up with them (organization), really. There's nothing I can particularly do about it." 

"We should definitely be including people here who are with the times, who are understanding of the time we are living in and sensitive to the matters that are surrounding us. So I don't really understand what their goal is or why particularly he's here. because it's not that they don't have any other good options. 

Bottas, who sat next to Hamilton agreed and said: "We all should have the same mindset for the things that we are pushing on."

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