'The difference won't be huge, but every minute of testing is precious'

22-10-2020 11:27 | Updated: 22-10-2020 11:49
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'The difference won't be huge, but every minute of testing is precious'

Ferrari have been struggling throughout the season. The biggest problem, according to the Head of Performance Development Enrico Cardile, is the rear of the SF1000. Q&A with the team.

"With the proviso that each team has its own design philosophy, our belief is that the rear end offers the biggest margin for improvement. I say that not just because it's the area of ​​the car where pretty significant changes have been introduced in the technical regulations. But also we believe that because of the way our car is laid out, we could really make significant progress," Cardile said in a Q & A with the team.

Limited time in the wind tunnel

The car is said to be quite unstable at the rear, something that Sebastian Vettel in particular is struggling with this year. It will be made even more exciting for Ferrari, because the time the team can spend in the wind tunnel will be different. "Which meant the work we are doing now is even more important," said Cardile. "It is essential that we know the concepts we are working on now are the right one, so as not to lose time in 2021."

Teams that finish lower in the Constructors' Championship will have more wind tunnel time next year than teams that finish higher up. So Mercedes will get the least time and Williams the most, if the standings stay that way. "The difference won't be huge, but in Formula 1, each minute of testing, be it on track, on the testbed or in the wind tunnel, is precious. However, I'm not joking when I say our aim is to make up ground this year," concluded Cardile.

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