Ocon already seeing the value of Alonso to Renault

22-10-2020 10:03 | Updated: 22-10-2020 11:39
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Ocon already seeing the value of Alonso to Renault

Esteban Ocon, who will be driving next to Fernando Alonso for the Renault team next year, has told Motorsport.com he is already experiencing the added value of his future teammate. 

Alonso, who will return to F1 in 2021, is already running tests in the simulator. Because of this Renault can collect important data from three drivers, instead of two. Ocon has revealed this has been one of the benefits of Alonso joining the French team. 

“We can work on the basis of three opinions,” the French driver explained. “Mine, Daniel Ricciardo’s, and Fernando’s. We all practice on the sim before we race in order for the car to be adjusted properly during the weekend. Three opinions are better than two. It is good that Alonso is working closely with the sim-team already.” 

Alonso is ready 

Alonso himself was asked about the preparations for his return to F1 having left the sport in 2018. “I watch all the races from home and I have a good setup as well. The team gave me a computer that allows me to watch Estaban and Daniel’s  onboards, as well as teamradio, debriefing, and strategy meetings. I am up to date on everything that happens during the weekends.”


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