''The latest update has brought Red Bull almost up to date with Mercedes''

21-10-2020 08:04 | Updated: 21-10-2020 09:46
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''The latest update has brought Red Bull almost up to date with Mercedes''

During the Eifel Grand Prix, Max Verstappen just couldn't get close to Lewis Hamilton, but the gap to Mercedes seemed to shrink. Nick Heidfeld, therefore, predicts exciting races for the coming period.

At the beginning of 2020, it was the old song again. Red Bull Racing was to bridge the gap to Mercedes this year, but once again it was Mercedes that turned out to be by far the best in the first races. During the season Red Bull will be racing again and at the end of the year that could make for some nice races.

Red Bull runs further in

"We can look forward to a great race on a beautiful circuit this weekend. It goes up and down a lot and you have blind moments all the time. They are dangerous. We can expect a great race because Red Bull is on Mercedes' heels. Mercedes is already fully focused on next year and so they will be at a standstill this season," says Heidfeld in his column for Sky Sports.

The former Formula 1 driver sees that Red Bull continues to develop, so the gap is getting smaller and smaller. "This was clearly visible at the Nürburgring. The latest update has brought Red Bull almost on par with Mercedes, so we will see a lot of exciting races at the end of the season. I promise," the German concludes.

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