"Hamilton doesn't need dirty games to win those races"

21-10-2020 06:27 | Updated: 21-10-2020 09:43
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton doesn't need dirty games to win those races

Now that Lewis Hamilton has equalled Michael Schumacher's record number of victories, the question of whether he is actually a better driver is asked more often. Tom Coronel, however, has already made that choice a long time ago.

With 91 victories Hamilton has now achieved as many Formula 1 victories as Schumacher and with probably a few more victories to come in 2020 and 2021, that record will be beaten. Coronel thinks Hamilton is better than Schumacher, but not necessarily because of the number of victories.

Hamilton is the very best

''Schumacher received a lot of presents in his time and everything revolved around him. Hamilton also doesn't need dirty games to win,'' says the Dutch racing driver. With this, Coronel refers to Schumacher's dark past, in which he was helped more than once by a team order and was also not dirty from a stroke on the track.

''Hamilton really is the biggest, because he never got those presents," says Coronel to Formule1.nl. In its current form, Hamilton doesn't seem to stop for the time being, because the engines will remain the same until 2026. Is there a reason for Hamilton to stop before, or will he continue to string the titles together?

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