"I know it sounds absurd, but we don't have time to talk about it"

20-10-2020 14:45 | Updated: 20-10-2020 18:11
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I know it sounds absurd, but we don't have time to talk about it

Lewis Hamilton may call himself world champion almost for the seventh time, but it is not yet confirmed where the Englishman will drive next year. It is hugely expected that he will sign again with Mercedes, but Toto Wolff says they have not had time to get together and talk contracts.

Never lasted so long before

Although we live in a season that has been long stagnant because of coronavirus, Mercedes and Hamilton have not yet found time to decide together about next year. However, this has not yet happened and according to Wolff this is not due to the intention of both camps, he tells Motorsport-total.

"I know it sounds absurd but we just don't have time to talk about it." The wait to extend Hamilton's has never lasted so long. In 2015 it was signed in May and in 2018 just before the summer break, in July.

Wolff contract

In addition to prolonging Hamilton's stay, there is also uncertainty about the future of the team boss himself. It is almost certain that Wolff will remain the team boss, but possibly in a slightly different role. For example, the Austrian would like to miss a race more often so that he can also focus on other activities.

He already did this last year during the Brazilian Grand Prix. When asked about this he is quite brief: "Negotiations take place in the background, but that's not easy." It may not be easy because Wolff is not only team boss but also shareholder of the team.

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