Verstappen better than Hamilton? 'He didn't manage that then'

20-10-2020 08:42 | Updated: 20-10-2020 10:56
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Verstappen better than Hamilton? 'He didn't manage that then'

Lewis Hamilton matched Michael Schumacher's record number of victories at the Nürburgring and is also on track to match the record number of world titles in 2020. The question is whether Lewis really is the best driver?

In the past seven years Lewis Hamilton has picked up five world titles and in his eighth season for Mercedes he seems on his way to bring his total to seven. This, of course, will start the discussion right away about his qualities and the differences between drivers in the past. Despite all his achievements, some still believe that he can be surpassed by Max Verstappen, who currently has just nine race wins to his name.

Hamilton versus Verstappen

''At the moment Lewis is number 1, but Max Verstappen can become number 1 if he has the best material," Dutch TV presenter Jack Plooij tells F1 aan Tafel. ''In my opinion, Verstappen is better, but he doesn't have the stuff. We've seen that with Fernando Alonso for a long time, so I hope Max doesn't have that too. Lewis will never want him next to him though," Frans Verschuur adds.

Olav Mol adds. "When Hamilton just went to Mercedes, Hamilton didn't do what Max is doing now. When Sebastian Vettel was able to get rid of all those world titles, Hamilton didn't manage to put the fire in his shins. But from the moment that car was strongest, so was Lewis. I'm sure he's one of the very best,'' said the Ziggo Sport commentator.

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