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Van der Garde weighs in on Red Bull engine debate

19-10-2020 19:50 | Updated: 19-10-2020 21:37
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Van der Garde weighs in on Red Bull engine debate

The big question in the Formula 1 world in recent weeks has been about the future of Red Bull power units and which engines they will use. There is speculation about Renault or a third party coming to help with the current Honda engine, but according to Giedo van der Garde this is not necessary.

"I'm just expecting what Red Bull is going to buy the 'intellectual property' of the Honda," said Van der Garde at Peptalk on Ziggo Sport. "The factory is close to Red Bull's own factory, so that's very easy."

"AVL also works for a lot of other teams in Formula 1, so I think they're just going to do it themselves. There are already a hundred people working [at Red Bull] from Honda over there, so they're probably going to take them over."

What helps Red Bull, in this case, is the restriction on the development of that engine. This will also make it more attractive in the future for a new manufacturer to put their name on it. "I expect them to continue in that way and eventually involve a large party such as Volkswagen or Audi."

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