Ferrari taking steps for 2022; first crash test passed

19-10-2020 15:56 | Updated: 19-10-2020 18:02
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Ferrari taking steps for 2022; first crash test passed

Ferrari are keen to return to the front of the grid. The team from Maranello are therefore leaving nothing to chance and are already working on the car for 2022, in addition to the development of the current car and its evolution for 2021.

New rules for 2022

Formula 1 will undergo a major change in the rules for the cars in 2022 and the teams cannot start working on their setup soon enough, and Ferrari are no different. According to, the nose of the 2022 car has already passed the FIA crash test. Renault are also supposed to have also passed this test.

Things like the aerodynamics of the 2022 car may only be officially studied from 1st January 2021, because of the regulations, but the design of structural parts like the nose is not subject to this restriction. It, therefore, seems that Ferrari are leaving nothing to chance in order to fight for the World Championship again.

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