Sainz: 'Compared to Marko, my father is understanding and gives good guidance'

18-10-2020 12:34 | Updated: 18-10-2020 14:30
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Sainz: 'Compared to Marko, my father is understanding and gives good guidance'

The Sainz family and the Verstappen family have many similarities. Both Carlos Jr. and Max are sons of drivers who were successful in the past and both fathers accompanied their sons on their way to Formula 1. They joined Toro Rosso at the same time in 2015.

The run-up to and the end of that one season was different for the two drivers. Sainz had been in the Red Bull junior programme for much longer and was suddenly overshadowed by the younger Verstappen. Although his performance in Formula 1 was good, he and his father ended up colliding with Helmut Marko.

Red Bull very demanding

"Red Bull is Red Bull, it has its way of doing things, and they have helped many drivers, about 50 or 60, with money that they all appreciate, and I am also grateful. But they also set very high standards. You had to win or you were kicked out," Sainz told Marca, who stressed that his father's coaching worked better for him than Marko's coaching.

"When he talks to his sponsors, my father is demanding, but I see him as understanding and good giving good guidance compared to Marko. Nobody knows more about Rally's than he does, and if he has helped me in something that is not his profession [F1], I can't imagine how good he would have been if I had gone Rallying".

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