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Stewart suggests Vettel should have retired instead of move to Aston Martin

Stewart suggests Vettel should have retired instead of move to Aston Martin

18-10-2020 08:48 Last update: 09:15


Sebastian Vettel is currently having a dramatic season at Ferrari. The German made the switch to the Italian team in 2015, with the goal of a world championship. However, this was not true and the strong arrival of Charles Leclerc at Ferrari made Vettel's experience at the team worse. He will make the switch to Racing Point next year.

The team, where Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll currently drive, will continue under the name Aston Martin from 2021. Although many are happy that Vettel has found a place for 2021, others would have preferred him to have stopped after his failed adventure at Ferrari. "Ferrari is one of the most beautiful brands ever, but somehow this year has been a real tragedy. I hope we can soon see Ferrari as it should be," explains Jackie Stewart at Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Only because he loves the sport

"Sebastian Vettel is a fine man and has really had a fantastic career. Personally, I would have liked to have seen him stop doing what I do, travel around and go to some of the most beautiful events in the world. Besides, he can be a good ambassador for the sport".

So Stewart would have preferred Vettel to play a social role for Formula 1, instead of being a driver for a team. The triple F1 world champion can think of a good reason why Vettel will continue to drive a little longer. "If he really continues to race, it's because he loves the sport.

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