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Hamilton's number one fan: He has shown that no record is safe

Hamilton's number one fan: "He has shown that no record is safe"

17-10-2020 19:49 Last update: 21:53


Until not long ago, Michael Schumacher's records seemed untouchable. Most are now however broken by Lewis Hamilton, which according to his brother shows that no record is ever safe.

On the cold asphalt of the Nürburgring, Lewis Hamilton managed his 91st victory in Formula 1. The Brit matched Michael Schumacher's record. The six-time world champion is also well on his way to match the German's other record: seven world titles in Formula 1.

According to Nicolas Hamilton, the younger brother and Hamilton's self-proclaimed "number one fan", it's an incredible result.

"Just one victory in a Formula 1 car is a remarkable achievement, but to do it 91 times and match Michael Schumacher ... When we were growing up, every kid wanted a replica of Schumacher's helmet. Now you go to a local go-kart circuit and see that they all wear replicas of Hamilton's helmet,” says the Brit to ESPN.

Where is Hamilton's limit?

"He shows that every dream can be made come true and every record can be broken. It's unbelievable. But where can he go? I want to see how far he can get. But I know Lewis doesn't think about that, he only thinks about winning races,” Hamilton continued.

Despite Nicolas Hamilton suffering from Cerebral Parese, the Brit has become a driver himself. "There are a lot of people who think I am the person I am today, because of who my brother is and the money he has. But I pay for everything myself and even if Lewis gave me money, I wouldn't take it." I believe that you have to create opportunities for yourself," Hamilton concludes.

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