Grosjean: "Haas always tries something else, because the speed is not good enough"

17-10-2020 14:54 | Updated: 17-10-2020 16:15
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Grosjean: Haas always tries something else, because the speed is not good enough

It was a special moment during the GP of Eifel. Romain Grosjean was hit by a stone from the gravel pit and hurt his finger during the race.

Despite this annoying moment for Grosjean, the Frenchman managed to grab his first points of the season. At the Nürburgring he finished ninth after a fairly inconspicuous race of his own. He did manage to keep Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari behind him. This brings Haas' total number of points to three after Kevin Magnussen managed to get one point earlier in Hungary.

Sore finger

Grosjean himself reacted to the incident released after the race. A reporter from the Post Race Show asks him how it is with his hand. "It is blue and it is painful. I went through turn 11 and Kimi, who was sitting in front of me, drove through the gravel. And one of the stones came on my helmet, but another hit my finger. At first, I thought it was broken because I couldn't bend it. I drove like this for quite a part of the race. Now I'm doing better, but it's still painful. I'm talking about for the two points I scored today.

"We were a bit lucky," he says about his race. "We had a different strategy than the others, to go from the medium to the hard tyre. We didn't intend to use the hard tyre at all, but it worked pretty well when I was driving around on my own. We always have to try something different from the others, because the rough speed of the car just isn't good enough," said the Haas driver.

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