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Hamilton can't miss Verstappen yet: Will be difficult to let go

Hamilton can't miss Verstappen yet: "Will be difficult to let go"

17-10-2020 13:32 Last update: 16:11


Lewis Hamilton is now 35 years old and close to breaking the records of Michael Schumacher. You could say that his F1 career is perfect, but the world champion is not yet ready to say goodbye to the sport, although he has to sacrifice a lot for it.

"It's so hard and I think I would be willing to say there's potentially not enough respect that is given to all these drivers who dedicate their lives in terms of preparation, the amount of work that goes on. The background to be able to do what all of us do in this sport, past and present, is really remarkable and I love being a part of that."

Hamilton enjoys Verstappen

In addition to the challenge of getting the best out of himself and the team, he also has to deal with the competition on the track. That's what he likes best, especially when a driver like Max Verstappen pushes him to the limit.

“I love that challenge. I love the challenge that Max gave me today. I love seeing him behind me, seeing the challenge that Daniel gave Max also, the sport, the smell of it, the whole aura and atmosphere it creates is going to be difficult to let go," said Hamilton to Formula1.com after the race at the Nürburgring.

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