Honda: 'Marko has not yet contacted us about that'

16-10-2020 12:30 | Updated: 16-10-2020 13:35
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Honda: 'Marko has not yet contacted us about that'

Red Bull Racing has to look for a new engine supplier in the coming months. Honda will stop working in F1 after next year. This came as a surprise to many, as Honda is only now really competing for the podiums and victories. Nevertheless, they will leave after 2021 and so the team has to look for a solution.

Koji Watanabe, Chief Director of Brand Communications of Honda explains to Autosportweb how the departure came about. "We have already indicated to Red Bull that we are coming to the end of all activities. They said that if you are going to stop the programme, they will have to look for a new engine. That is why we announced it so early on."

Staying interested in F1

After the departure, rumours circulate that Red Bull wants to buy the engine and then develop it itself. "At the moment I haven't heard from Marko, but we've heard that they're considering that option. We have a good relationship with Red Bull, so that communication is also open. We will certainly consider it when Red Bull comes up with that request, but at the moment there is nothing to consider," Watanabe says.

The departure of Honda from Formula 1 does not mean that Honda has finished its motorsport activities. In IndyCar, for example, Honda has announced that they will stay longer. "We have decided that we want to go in a more sustainable direction and that we will stop in Formula 1. That does not mean that we are not interested in F1 or that we think F1 is not good enough," concludes Watanabe.

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