You never get used to the 'wow' moments of Verstappen'

16-10-2020 11:25 | Updated: 16-10-2020 13:27
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You never get used to the 'wow' moments of Verstappen'

Max Verstappen has been in superb form in recent years and has shocked competitors and fans alike. However, the question is whether team boss Christian Horner can still be amazed by his achievements?

In 2016, Verstappen sets the Formula 1 world on fire with his victory at the Spanish Grand Prix, when he made his debut for Red Bull Racing. It was be the first, but certainly not the last time that Horner is wowed by the Dutchman. Ziggo Sport ask if this is still the case...

Horner enjoys Verstappen

''You never get used to the 'wow' moments of Max. He is currently in top form and is simply doing an excellent job. His qualification was great again and he just drives brilliantly. We are also making progress with the car and hopefully we can really challenge Mercedes in the upcoming races," says Horner.

That's where Red Bull Racing's big problem still lies: the car. Verstappen seems to get the most out of it every week, but he also has to stand by and watch Mercedes take almost every win. This will have to improve if Horner wants to keep the 'wow' moments of Verstappen for Red Bull.

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