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Officially at last: Vietnamese Grand Prix cancelled in 2020

Officially at last: Vietnamese Grand Prix cancelled in 2020

16-10-2020 07:56 Last update: 10:36


You may have thought this was already true, but the Vietnam Grand Prix has now officially been cancelled. The Vietnamese GP was the only race that was not yet on the calendar, but had not yet been cancelled either. However, that has now changed.

The Vietnam Grand Prix was originally scheduled to take place on 5 April this year. Together with the Dutch Grand Prix it was new on the Formula 1 calendar, although the Dutch Grand Prix has been on the calendar many times in the past. The city centre of Hanoi was to be transformed into a circuit, but that will not happen this season.

Vietnam cancels the race

First of all, like many, the race was postponed. Now the race has finally been cancelled, confirming what we already assumed. The F1 calendar had already been presented and most of the Grands Prix had already been cancelled, but Vietnam's not yet. The COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the race, which means that Vietnam will have to wait at least a year for the very first race.

''It was a difficult decision, but it was a necessity in view of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic," says L'Equipe of France. In Vietnam, there have so far been 1,124 infections and 35 people have died.

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