Bottas explains why him and Hamilton work well together

15-10-2020 20:38 | Updated: 15-10-2020 23:02
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Bottas explains why him and Hamilton work well together

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton have been driving as teammates at the German race stable for four years now. The pair seem to have a good relationship on and off the track and the Finn has been explaining why it works between the two of them.

Hamilton and Bottas are a team

Hamilton drove four years alongside Nico Rosberg at Mercedes and four years with Bottas at Mercedes. There is a big difference in dynamics between the drivers. Between Hamilton and Rosberg it never gelled, but Hamilton and Bottas get on much better.

In conversation with Sky Sports F1 Bottas goes further into their relationship: "It works between us. I don't play political games. I like driving, I like racing; honest, but hard racing. That's how I do it. , how I did it and how I will always do it. I like to do 'the talking' on the track."

Bottas knows what teamwork is

“Frankly, I have learned so much about teamwork in this sport,” the Finn continued. During his youth he played a lot of ice hockey where he also learned a lot about playing in a team. "You learn that working together is always the best thing you can do, no matter what."

So although it seems to work between the six-time world champion and Bottas, it doesn't always seem to work in Bottas' favour. The Finn is seen as Mercedes' second driver and more than once the Finn has actually had to let go of important points.

Bottas concluded: " If there had been problems between me and Lewis from the first year, we wouldn't be in the current situation where we are such a strong performing team. We must continue to work together to keep this team at the top."

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