Accident father motivation for Formula 1: He has more reasons than anyone else.

Accident father motivation for Formula 1: "He has more reasons than anyone else".

13-10-2020 11:26

Mick Schumacher made his Formula 1 debut at the Nurburgring last Friday. Michael Schumacher's son will have to be patient for a while, but no one doubts that he will get a permanent place in the Formula 1 in the future. According to Jan Lammers this has mainly to do with his motivation and drive. Frits van Amersfoort sees similarities between Verstappen and Schumacher.

Schumacher junior is currently still driving in Formula 2 where he is going for his first title. A place in Formula 1 is the logical next step, although according to Van Amersfoort this has partly to do with his famous surname. Lammer tells the NOS Formula 1 podcast that there is nobody with a greater motivation to get into Formula 1 than the young member of the famous racing family.

"You can learn car racing. After that, it's all about motivation. I know people who were brilliant at car control but they didn't care whether they came second or third. With Mick you see the enormous drive. Look what he went through with his dad on the track." Michael Schumacher went into a coma in a skiing accident and is still recovering from that".

Lammer continues: "If you go through that, you have an incredible drive. Then as a son I can imagine that you want to do everything to succeed in Formula 1 and win races. He has more reasons than anyone else to perform well".

A real racing family

Van Amsersfoort worked for the young Schumacher and Lammers agrees: "I have had the privilege of ever being at home with the family. The whole family is surrounded by motor racing and you can see that with Mick. He really isn't the absolute natural talent, but because he comes from such a family, he can bring it up. The great thing about a family that comes from motor racing is that the Leclerc family and, in a way, the Verstappen family: they know what motor racing is, they know that one day it can go wrong or something can go wrong, and then there is no man overboard. Everybody is upset, but tomorrow we will continue again", concludes Van Amersfoort.

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