Marko urges early introduction of new engine regulations

12-10-2020 07:41 | Updated: 12-10-2020 07:44
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Marko urges early introduction of new engine regulations

With the departure of Honda, Red Bull has to find another engine supplier for its F1 teams. It is most likely that this will be one of the current manufacturers, but also the possibility for a new manufacturer has been suggested. In the short term, however, Helmut Marko will rule this out.

"There are no signs of a new manufacturer," says the Austrian at 'AvD Motorsport Magazin' at Sport1. "The reason is the relatively short period of 4 years. The engines are too complex. And also the costs are too high. And with these regulations and at this stage, no new manufacturer is entering F1."

New regulations at the earliest in 2025

As long as current engines are used, Red Bull is dependent on existing suppliers in Formula 1. At the moment, the new engine regulations are scheduled for 2026, which means that Red Bull will have to do without factory support for at least four years. Marko would therefore benefit from these regulations being brought forward.

"It would be only reasonable to bring the new engine regulation forward, but there is no detailed regulation yet. With all the pre-runs that are necessary for such a development, it can only be brought forward to 2025 at most."

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