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How Albon received a penalty!

How Albon received a penalty!

11-10-2020 17:22

Alex Albon had a tough race in Germany, eventually retiring from the race. On the first lap he flat-spotted his tyres, forcing an early pit stop. Later on he crashed into Daniil Kvyat, receiving a penalty, and then he had a power unit issue and had to retire from the race.

Albon already received a five-second penalty during the race, but on top of that he also gets two points on his super-licence. It all happened following the chicane at the end of the lap.

Albon still far below expectations

Albon overtook Kvyat on exit, but he came back on the racing line too sharply, and the Alpha Tauri was still there. Then the two hit each other, but Albon managed to continue without any major damage. He therefore received a five-second penalty and two points on his super-licence.

That brings his total to seven points. He remains below the maximum of twelve points, which would mean that he would have to miss a race.

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