FP1 cancelled after poor weather: "Safety of the drivers comes first"

09-10-2020 11:04 | Updated: 09-10-2020 11:08
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FP1 cancelled after poor weather: Safety of the drivers comes first

The return of the Nurburgring on the F1 calendar has been a disappointment so far. Due to the rain and low fog, the first free practice has been cancelled as the medical helicopter can't fly to the nearest hospital safely. 

"It is still quite difficult at the moment, because due to the current fog, the medical helicopter cannot take off yet to fly to the hospital. The distance by normal road is far too long if anything happens, so at the moment we have started the clock and we will update the teams every thirty minutes on the situation," explains Michael Masi to Sky Sports.

Safety of drivers important

Masi says the fog is the biggest reason the drivers couldn't get on the track.

"The fog went away slowly, but now it seems to be coming back. From an FIA perspective, we think it's very important that we can ensure the safety of the drivers and you don't want to play with that," concludes Masi.

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