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Sainz admires the work down by Wurz and the GPDA

8 October at 09:54
Last update 8 October at 14:37
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The drivers have not always had much input in Formula 1, but with the Grand Prix Drivers' Association the drivers have had more and more say. Carlos Sainz has pointed this out.

The hard work of Wurz

In 1961, the Drivers' Union was founded. The GPDA was first led by Stirling Moss and over the years saw other drivers take the lead. The aim was to represent the wishes of the drivers in talks with the FIA, and in recent years this has been done more and more.

An important factor in this is Wurz. The former Formula 1 driver has been the leader of this union since 2014 and is praised by many for his work. ''The GPDA is currently very well led by Wurz. He is doing very good work behind the scenes to bring the twenty drivers together," said Sainz to Motorsport-total.com.

Sainz for president

''It's a disaster to get those twenty together, because we all have different lifestyles, we are always stressed and that makes it very difficult to align ourselves. Wurz is doing an extraordinarily good job,'' 

''Our two presidents, Romain and Sebastian, are also doing a good job, so I am certainly satisfied. They are much more experienced than I am, so they are good leaders. I am happy with the current situation, but you never know what the future will bring. At the moment it feels good to have the most experienced drivers leading the GPDA."