Conditions in Germany are again ideal for a stunt by Verstappen

06-10-2020 09:03
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Conditions in Germany are again ideal for a stunt by Verstappen

There is another Grand Prix coming up in Germany and although it will be held in 2020 under the name of the Eifel Grand Prix and raced at the Nürburgring, much of this weekend looks like the spectacular German Grand Prix of 2019.

Verstappen into ideal position

The German Grand Prix started on Sunday 28 July 2019. For now for the last time, because the Hockenheimring has not renewed its contract with Formula 1, so we enjoyed the last race on the historic circuit. That will certainly succeed, because with rain it is always unpredictable.

It is already exciting in qualifying. Lewis Hamilton takes the pole, but Max Verstappen puts himself in the ideal spot next to the Brit. Valtteri Bottas had to settle for third place. However, qualifying takes place in dry conditions, where the forecast for Sunday shows rain and this time the forecast came out.

The start in Germany was on the intermediates and during the race it remained unpredictable. On parts of the track it is slipping, where on other parts it is already starting to get drier. Thus Charles Leclerc shoots into a promising position in the wall and Nico Hulkenberg also sees the chance of a podium disappear due to a collision with the wall.

Verstappen floats to the surface

Verstappen is the man who shined in these circumstances and when even Lewis Hamilton goes into the fog, there are no problems in the air for the Dutchman. He still spinned, but kept his car on the track and crossed the line in front of Daniil Kvyat and Sebastian Vettel. It is a sad anniversary for Mercedes that Bottas shoot into the wall and Hamilton finally only gets two points because of punishments after the race.

Now the Nürburgring is not a Hockenheim and the Eifel Grand Prix is not a German Grand Prix, but everything seems to look like we can expect spectacle in Germany in 2020. The temperature is very low for a Formula 1 race and a lot of rain is expected for the whole weekend. So that means slipping and sliding.

Wherever Hockenheim provided spectacle, it can also be done at the Nürburgring. This, too, is an original and authentic circuit. Gravel and grass punish you immediately when you shoot off the track, so drivers don't have to count on mercy if they make a mistake. This brings the best drivers to the top and openly exciting racing again.

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