Norris: 'That car is much better, because Verstappen finished second'

30-09-2020 10:11
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Norris: 'That car is much better, because Verstappen finished second'

Lando Norris was engaged in a long fight with Twicht-friends George Russell and Alexander Albon on Sunday. It wasn't about victory as in Formula 2, but Norris was happy to fight a Red Bull.

Where Max Verstappen drove to second place on Sunday, Albon had to start from much further afield and barely got through traffic. The Thai would eventually become tenth, after he had to fight with Norris for a long time for a place. Not the ideal situation for Albon, but Norris was happy with this fight.

Norris points to better car

''I had a good start, but had to avoid all kinds of people in the second bend. Because of Carlos' crash, I had to avoid them as well and I suffered damage as a result. That affected us throughout the race. I did my best, but in the end it wasn't enough for points'', says Norris, finishing fifteenth, according to

''I was able to race against Albon's Red Bull, where that car could take second place with Verstappen. That car is clearly better than ours and on much fresher tyres, I risked a lot in that duel to keep it behind me, but in the end I made a mistake'', Norris concludes.

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