Ferrari came to Sochi with upgrades, but did they work?

29-09-2020 19:56 | Updated: 30-09-2020 09:25
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Ferrari came to Sochi with upgrades, but did they work?

Ferrari showed up in Russia with a number of new upgrades for the SF1000 which, but it seems that it has not delivered the desired result. But how well did these updates do? Charles Leclerc still managed to score points for his Ferrari, but Sebastian Vettel got stuck in thirteenth position.

Rear wing copied from Mercedes

At the Sochi Autodrom Ferrari came up with new wing endplates for the rear wing. Mark Hughes takes a close look at the update. "In its nether regions the array of six narrow slots had been replaced by three much more distinct and powerful-looking slots that more closely resemble those on the Mercedes", says Hughes on

"These slots interact with the airflow exiting from the diffuser below it", Hughes continues. By the way, Ferrari did not yet have that new diffuser on the car in Russia, but it is expected for the Eifel Grand Prix in a fortnight.

New nose to improve airflow

A small adjustment has also been made to the nose of the SF1000. A new 'cape' has been placed on the underside of the nose. This cape can easily be replaced which makes back-to-back testing possible. The new nose has been given longer nostrils, which can increase the volume of air flow through the subfloor and inboard area. The upgrades seem to work for the team so far, but there are clearly more upgrades to come.

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