Verstappen agrees with Hamilton: "That punishment was painful enough!"

27-09-2020 15:13
by Matt Gretton
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Verstappen agrees with Hamilton: That punishment was painful enough!

Lewis Hamilton received a five-second time penalty not once, but twice during the Russian Grand Prix. In addition, there will be two penalty points on his super license, which Max Verstappen doesn't agree with.

Prior to the race in Sochi, Lewis Hamilton made a test start outside the designated zone. The Brit was severely punished for this in the race and will also receive two more penalty points on his license, putting him only two points away from a suspension.

Max Verstappen doesn't agree with the stewards' decision. "I think the penalty that Lewis got was painful enough. I don't know how many you got? 2 points? Yeah, I don't know it is a bit harsh," said the Dutchman during the press conference after the Grand Prix.

Verstappen speaks from experience

"Maybe it was not correct where he stopped but penalty points for that? I am not sure that is correct," the Dutchman concludes. Verstappen knows how Hamilton must feel, because the Red Bull Racing driver has also once been on the verge of suspension in the past. 

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