Hamilton to the stewards: "I have no idea what it is"

26-09-2020 15:04 | Updated: 26-09-2020 15:08
by Matt Gretton
F1 News
Hamilton to the stewards: I have no idea what it is

Lewis Hamilton, along with three other drivers, have been called to the stewards after qualifying in Russia. The drivers went wide at the second corner, but did not follow the instructions of the stewards afterwards.

Visiting the stewards

Hamilton himself says that he took the correct route back onto the track and therefore does not understand why he has to report to the stewards. Hamilton had a lap deleted earlier in qualifying because he went wide at the last corner of the circuit.

The Mercedes driver doesn't seem to be concerned about the potential loss of pole position yet. “I have no idea what that is. But there’s always going to be something isn’t there?" Says Hamilton during the press conference, which includes RaceFans.net. Should Hamilton lose his pole position, it means that Max Verstappen may start from pole for the first time this season.

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