Verstappen spoke to Honda: "I thought that was important"

25-09-2020 22:48 | Updated: 26-09-2020 08:14
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Verstappen spoke to Honda: I thought that was important

Max Verstappen had two disastrous races in Monza and Mugello in which he failed both times due to problems with the Honda engine. Just to be on the safe side, a new engine has now been added to the RB16 of the Dutchman.

That engine has no upgrades and is essentially just the same specification as the previous engine, but in order to rule out anything that might be lacking, Verstappen was given a new one for Russia. Verstappen therefore assumes that things will now work out.

Honda has simulated everything

"After the problems in Monza and Mugello it was good to get a new engine and just start from scratch. They were really able to simulate what went wrong. They say they solved that. Of course I am happy with that. The problems were different from those in Monza and those had already been solved".

In the meantime, Verstappen has had a few good conversations. "I spoke with Christian and Helmut, but also with Honda. Because of course it is always better to hear it from the people themselves instead of viavia. That was important to me", said the Red Bull driver at Ziggo Sport.

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