Official: Domenicali becomes the new boss of Formula 1

25-09-2020 14:11 | Updated: 25-09-2020 14:13
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Official: Domenicali becomes the new boss of Formula 1

Stefano Domenicali will become the new boss of Formula 1 in 2021. The former Ferrari team boss will succeed American, Chase Carey from next year.

The appointment of the 55-year-old Domenicali does not come as a surprise after the news was rumoured in various media earlier in the week. The Italian is no stranger to the Formula 1 world. He last worked in the pinnacle of motorsport in 2014.

Domenicali left Ferrari in 2014 and was until now employed by another Italian car brand, Lamborghini. From 2008 to 2014, the Italian was team boss of the Scuderia, succeeding Jean Todt. Domenicali and Ferrari took the world and manufacturer's title together in 2008. These are the last titles in Formula 1 of the illustrious red brand.

Domenicali also has a senior role at the FIA in the single-seater committee. It is not yet clear whether he will keep it. The Italian is seen as a charismatic man, with a strong character and an excellent manager. With the appointment of Domenicali, both the highest position in Formula 1 and in the FIA is managed by a former Ferrari team boss. Jean Todt is currently the President of the FIA and was the predecessor of Domenicali at Ferrari until 2008. 

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