Haas from 2022 with Renault engine? "If someone offers us a free power unit..."

24-09-2020 20:28 | Updated: 24-09-2020 20:53
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Haas from 2022 with Renault engine? If someone offers us a free power unit...

Guenther Steiner, team boss of Haas, is not very happy with the power unit his team got from Ferrari this year. Still, he says they will remain loyal to the Italian engine supplier at Haas.

It is no secret that the engines delivered by Ferrari this year are not running very well. Whereas last year it was the strength of the Italian team itself, the Ferrari engine now seems to be the slowest on the grid. Last year customers Haas and especially Alfa Romeo also benefited from the good engine. Following accusations from other teams that the engine was illegal, Ferrari and the FIA made a secret deal. The team had to make the power unit different from now on, was a result of those talks.

"Don't just run away"

Haas, too, is now suffering from the poor performance of the Italian engine. Yet Guenther Steiner is a man of principle, he says to Motorsport.com. "You can't run away at the first opportunity, it takes a bit of ethics in relationships. Ferrari is going through a difficult moment but it will come out soon. But if there is someone who offers us an engine for free..."

Haas has indicated that it does not want to think of a new engine supplier until 2022, because until then they are still bound by the contract with the Maranello team. Renault would be interested because they are looking for a new partner. "At the moment the best solution for us is to work with Ferrari on the future and not be distracted by other situations."

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