MP Motorsport replaces Matsushita with renowned Formula 1 name

22-09-2020 09:01 | Updated: 22-09-2020 11:21
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MP Motorsport replaces Matsushita with renowned Formula 1 name

MP Motorsport will no longer rely on Noboharu Matsushita for the last three races. The Japanese rider will leave the Dutch race stable and that will result in quite a few transfers at the end of the season.

Formula 2 has toured nine different events where, as usual, it has run a main race and a sprint race. With three more events on the calendar (Russia and twice Bahrain) the season is almost over, but MP Motorsport chooses to change the drivers.

Transfers at the end of the season

Matsushita, the winner of the chaotic main race in Spain, will leave directly at the Dutch race stables. The Japanese rider has years of experience in the class and is looking for a new challenge. What that challenge is, is not yet clear, but both parties have let it be known that they have split up in good consultation.

As a replacement for the Japanese rider Giuliano Alesi has been brought in by MP Motorsport. The son of former F1 driver Jean Alesi was previously active for HWA Racelab and had so far scored eight points to his name. The Frenchman will be replaced at HWA Racelab by 26-year-old Jake Hughes, who finished his Formula 3 season with the same team last week with a seventh place in the standings.

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