Aston Martin wants to go to the top: ''We want to learn from that''

21-09-2020 13:27 | Updated: 21-09-2020 19:13
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Aston Martin wants to go to the top: ''We want to learn from that''

Sergio Perez will leave Racing Point at the end of 2020. The team, which from 2021 will run under the name of Aston Martin, could not miss an opportunity to bring Sebastian Vettel into the ranks.

Perez had a contract with Racing Point, but due to a surrender clause in his contract he is now on the street in 2021. The Mexican has to look for another team, because the team he rescued from bankruptcy no longer needs him. Otmar Szafnauer finds it annoying for Sergio, but is also very happy with the arrival of Vettel.

Racing Point chooses Vettel

''Sergio is a top professional and I look forward to working with him in the coming races. Hopefully we can say goodbye to each other with a high point and we will race each other often in the future," says Szafnauer on the Racing Point website. However, Szafnauer also explains why Vettel was chosen after all.

''It's not every day or every year that a four-time world champion is available, so we had to take a good look at our options. As a team we have the ambition to grow in many areas and with Sebastian we are gaining a lot of experience. He has won world titles and races and we want to learn from that," concludes the team boss of Racing Point.

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