IndyCar driver on future: "I’d love to give Formula 1 a crack"

18-09-2020 18:21 | Updated: 18-09-2020 21:37
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IndyCar driver on future: I’d love to give Formula 1 a crack

IndyCar talent Colton Herta says he is still interested in Formula 1. The young American is highly regarded in the IndyCar series.

Good results

Herta has already won three races in the IndyCar at the age of 20 and is the youngest winner of the class after his victory last year at the Circuit of the Americas. Despite his good results, Herta says he is still hoping for a phone call from an F1 team.

"I’d love to give Formula 1 a crack", says Herta in conversation with The American has already mapped out his route in F1. "I think it would have to mean either being with a top-three team or incentives of, if I do good enough, getting to a top-three team. So being at Alfa, or something like that for a year or two, and if I do good enough, maybe I can move up to a Ferrari or a Red Bull."

Super license

For Herta, however, it is difficult to get the right amount of super-licence points, because for the IndyCar Series there are not very many points to be won. "I think it’s tough, because I don’t have the superlicense points, but who knows; maybe in this next year or two, if I finish good enough in the championship."

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