Wolff likes idea of rotating European Grand Prix: "Interesting concept"

17-09-2020 18:48 | Updated: 18-09-2020 00:47
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Wolff likes idea of rotating European Grand Prix: Interesting concept

Anyone who looks at the 2020 F1 calendar in the future and does not know about the COVID-19 pandemic that is now raging will immediately ask 'what happened here? However, the radical and necessary changes to the calendar do not only have drawbacks.

Throughout the whole situation, fans get to see circuits that otherwise would probably never have qualified for a place on the calendar. Circuits that are often very popular, also with the drivers, who were very enthusiastic about the challenge that Mugello offers.

According to Motorsport-Total.com, some fans are therefore playing with the idea of rotating certain European circuits every year. This is called the Grand Prix of Europe and with this the drivers get an 'unknown' circuit for their choice at least once a year.

Wolff considers the concept

Toto Wolff likes that idea: "This is an interesting new concept born out of need". According to him, you can also clearly see that certain drivers are adapting faster on these new tracks, something that is not the case on a circuit like Silverstone, for example.

However, Wolff also sees some obstacles to their implementation. "The promoters have to make money from ticket sales. I don't know if it will work for them if they are on the calendar one year and not the next".

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