Todt: 'Volkswagen is welcome in Formula 1'

17-09-2020 12:06 | Updated: 17-09-2020 15:59
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Todt: 'Volkswagen is welcome in Formula 1'

In recent years there have been hardly any new teams in Formula 1 and it does not look like a manufacturer will arrive in the near future. However, from 2023 onwards it will be more interesting, because then Formula 1 will have to start driving with synthetic fuels and that can be decisive for Volkswagen.

Volkswagen is welcome!

Rumour has it that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, has expressed an interest in participating after the introduction of this new fuel. The FIA would like that, because President Jean Todt has indicated to Auto, Motor und Sport that the German car brand would be welcome if they really consider it.

"I heard about the statement, but I didn't understand it personally from Mr. Diess. So I want to be careful with my comments. I don't know if he meant it when he talked about Formula 1, but if he did, all I can say is: welcome!" The important factor could be the new fuel, as it allows for more flexible engine design.

Flexible engine design

Todt: "If we succeed in using green fuels, we will also be flexible in the choice of engine design. So we could think of a less complex power unit, as long as it remains efficient." And if that happens, after the hybrid era, Formula 1 will take a slightly new direction.

There's been a lot to do about those types of engines, a common 'complaint' is that the sound is nowhere. According to Todt, however, it was necessary: "Over time, our cars and the world around us have changed completely. You like it or not, but we wouldn't have survived without the hybrid era."

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