Todt: "We would not have survived without hybrid engines"

16-09-2020 07:26
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Todt: We would not have survived without hybrid engines

Since 2014, Mercedes has had full control of Formula 1. This is due not least to the hybrid engines. A concept for Formula 1 that Mercedes was perhaps the greatest advocate of and the first to start developing. According to Jean Todt, it was also a necessary step.

"The world around us has changed," says the President of the FIA to Auto Motor und Sport. "Climate change is at the top of all governments' agendas. You may like the current engines or not, but we would not have survived without switching to hybrid engines".

However, Todt also has to recognise that hybrid engines are not the greatest success in sport. Since their introduction, the relationships between engine manufacturers have been quite skewed and power is spent annually trying to straighten that out.

Returning to simple engines possible

So-called E-fuels must put an end to this. These carbon-neutral fuels should enable Formula 1 to say goodbye to hybrid engines without losing its 'environmentally friendly' image.

"If we manage to run with e-fuels from 2023, we will be flexible in our choice of engine architecture. Then we will be able to consider a less complex propulsion system, as long as it remains efficient".


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