Honda gets closer to Mercedes but reliability decreases? "An awful idea."

15-09-2020 11:24
Honda gets closer to Mercedes but reliability decreases?  An awful idea.

Max Verstappen will want to forget about last Sunday. After a drop out at Monza he couldn't get any further than turn two during the Grand Prix of Tuscany. The Dutchman was very disappointed because he was still very close to Lewis Hamilton on Saturday after qualifying.

Possitive point according to Lammers

Expectations were high on Sunday as Verstappen only gave in just over three tenths on Lewis Hamilton after qualifying. The smallest difference this year. Unfortunately things went wrong on Sunday because Verstappen was unable to make any further speed due to technical problems, while the Dutchman had a good start. The Red Bull driver ended up in the back of the field where the squash killed him. Pierre Gasly tapped Verstappen from behind and his race was over.

Jan Lammers was also disappointed of course, but indicates in the NOS Formula 1 podcast that Saturday gives hope. "I think we have to remember for the media, spectators who often take the dramatic side of the story, Max and the team can't do much with that. Honda and the team who look at the pragmatic side. And when we look at that, they are closer than ever to it in terms of speed. We need to take that with us into the next race".

Link between speed and reliability?

Table companion at the Louis Dekker podcast may see a connection between the speed won on Saturday and the weak Sunday. Dekker: "The big question is this has to do with each other, because one thing is awful. You always get faster when you're less reliable. About Honda it was said at the beginning of the year that they were too conservative with the engine, yes if the consequence is that they are now too progressive you immediately have the context why Verstappen was cursing so much".

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